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A Powerful Mental Wellbeing &

(Grades 4-12)

Anti-Bullying Program

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See Keka in action

A sampling of participating schools and boards:


See why students, educators, parents and media can't stop talking about the impact from our Gratitude Mirrors program. 


To impact 1,000,000 students, helping them step into their power: to positively impact themselves and their peers, through gratitude, empathy and quiet leadership.

A powerful mental wellness & anti-bullying program for Grades 4 to 12:

  • Adapted versions for junior and senior grades

  • Interactive – experiential learning

  • High-impact content to enhance curriculum

  • Keynote presentation: 45 minutes or workshop duration: 90 minutes

  • Suitable for groups from 15 to 1,000

  • Follow-up class lesson plans available

From positive mindset shifts to social culture change at schools

This curriculum-enhancing program, which inspired a TEDx talk, brings a new lens to mental wellness and the issue of bullying at school. It has received rave reviews by principals, teachers and students alike.


Through storytelling and interactive exercises, students realize how to have an impact personally, to proactively and positively change their school’s social climate. It empowers kids to quell bullying cultures before issues escalate.


Through gifting gratitude, Keka DasGupta teaches students how to empathize with peers, quickly validating connections on deep, emotional levels. She introduces students to the concept of “quiet leadership” – addressing the needs of both introverted and extraverted students.


The lasting impact is a mindset shift: Students move from thinking about bullying with fear and negativity, to instead, see the transformational power of shining positivity on their peers.

Gratitude Mirrors

School Program: Student Workshops, Teacher Training, Parent Nights

(for Grades 4-12)

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