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Keka DasGupta

Professional Keynote and TEDx Speaker, School & Corporate Trainer

(Mental Health, Gratitude, Quiet Leadership, Diversity)  


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Meet Keka, the only expert who is transforming our mental health with powerful, brain-based branding principles. After all, have you ever met a brand with low self-esteem? No!

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Watch Keka's segment on BT about "Quiet Leadership"

One easy way to start practicing Quiet Leadership is to share gratitude: To show people they are seen and valued. Join Keka's Art of Life-ing community, and start her 30-Day Gratitude Gratitude Sharing Challenge today:

Did you know?

The ad industry that creates brand love is worth $1.4 trillion.

Keka powerfully harnesses these principles to help people recognize their own value.

After working in the PR/marketing industry for 24-years, Keka has taken the best of branding principles and applied it to our own mental wellbeing. Today, this TEDx and international professional speaker, helps people create the life of their dreams - at work, at school, at home, and at heart, through her global platform called:

The Art of Life-ing.

Keka DasGupta - professional speaker and founder of The Art of Life-ing

See Keka in action:

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View or download Keka's Speaking Package here

Event planners and meeting professionals: Get all the information you need, all in one place. Check out Keka's speaker one sheet (PDF). Confession - it's more than one page.   :)

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For Corporate L&D

Supercharge your workforce with gratitude-centered leadership

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For Schools -
Mental Wellness

Help kids step into their power, so they can positively impact others

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For Parents

Raise emotionally-grounded children with less stress & anxiety

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For Women Leaders

Break the unconscious biases & barriers you didn't know were holding you back! 

Keka DasGupta - 30-Day Gratitude-Sharing

Experience the unexpected side-effect of gifting gratitude!

Join Keka's 30-Day Gratitude-Sharing Challenge. It's both easy and life-changing:

1. Commit just 5-minutes a day for the next 30 days to complete this challenge.

2. Join the Art of Life-ing community & download this PDF to participate in each daily gratitude-sharing initiative.


3. Share your gratitude on social media using the hashtag: #30GratitudeShares

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I was living a frozen life for others. I was living, but I wasn't LIFE-ING...

"Keka shone in her brilliance and brought the house down with her beautifully vulnerable performance."
- Rina Rovinelli, Co-Founder, Speaker Slam (Global Inspirational Speaking Competition)