Keka DasGupta
Corporate program: A happy culture
Supercharge employee productivity with
gratitude-centred leadership

Build a work culture where employees want to:

  1. Make  their  leaders and  teams  proud

  2. Crave  and  strive  for  more

  3. Believe new heights are attainable

  4. Feel they  will  be  supported  in  that  process

Personal development: Why we are practicing gratitude all wrong

School Program: Gratitude Mirrors
An anti-bullying and mental wellness initiative for
Grades 4-12

This curriculum-supporting program, which inspired a TEDx talk, brings a new lens to the issue of bullying, and mental wellness at school.


It has received rave reviews by principals, teachers, students and parents alike. 

Art of Life-ing

with Keka

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The unexpected
side effect of
gifting gratitude
Master the "Art of Life-ing" using gratitude as the foundation

In this heartfelt talk, Keka shares her journey of loss and love, and how she stumbled upon an unexpected side effect of gifting gratitude: one which helps combat today’s loneliness and mental health crisis. Her story may forever change how you practice gratitude.

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