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Have you ever met a brand with low self-esteem?

No! So let's empower your employees with unstoppable brand-like confidence

Keka DasGupta, Global Keynote & TEDx Speaker, 50x Award-Winning Marketing Expert


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Hi, I'm Keka!

(Sounds like: CAKE with an "A" at the end)

"I've spent 25 years in marketing, learning to see the magic in brands and individual people. Now, I'm going to teach you how to market YOU - to you!"

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Your company bets on its people to succeed every day. But, are your employees betting on themselves the same way? 

Work with Keka to give your staff unwavering self-confidence (the way top brands believe in themselves). The cascading effect will transform your business, from leadership development and team camaraderie, to productivity, mental health, innovation, and critically - increased profitability.

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Keka delivers transformational impact by teaching her audiences to:

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See and connect with themselves

(just as brands know themselves)

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Show peers they are seen too (the way brands attract fans and build strong connections)

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Just like "a rising tide lifts all boats," create a resilient, connected, and magnetic culture (just like brands do)

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Brands are unapologetically their own biggest champion

Yet too many people today are struggling at work with anxiety, imposter syndrome, and feelings of “not enough-ness.” 

Keka uses powerful global branding principles to empower employees and helps them discover their Personal Brand DNA.

Keka has worked with such world-renown brands as: Disney, Nike, American Express, Mercedes-Benz, and IKEA, to name a few.

Now you can work with Keka too, to help your employees become as tenaciously confident as their favourite brands.

World-leading expertise - Keka is:

  • A 2x winner of the “Oscars of the PR industry” (IABC Gold Quill Agency of the Year in 2016 and 2023)

  • A featured speaker at the Global Speakers Summit 2022 (Dublin, Ireland)

  • A winner of more than 50 international and national marketing awards

Most-Requested Keynote:

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Discover what our favourite brands can teach us about confidence and self-empowerment 

Three plain black cotton t-shirts. Three polarized prices. How can these t-shirts help us become more empowered and confident at work?

Through this unforgettable experiment, Keka teaches audiences how to think like the world’s top-performing brands... Leveraging the power of social and emotional currency, she guides employees in discovering their natural superpowers (Personal Brand DNA), that they can harness at work. Your teams will learn from Keka, how to know themselves more deeply (the way top brands do). And she’ll show them how, like their favourite brands, they too can learn to bet on themselves every day. Disney is its own champion. Mercedes-Benz cheers for its brand the loudest. Imagine if we could bring such self-confidence to our work every day? With Keka’s trailblazing strategies, you can. Plant and cultivate those seeds in your employees today!

Your keynote address at The Power Within Summit is everything!!! It should be on billboards and TV for everyone to hear. Thank you so much!

- Timidi Digha (keynote attendee)

Keka's Client Experience

The Fast Company Executive Board says Keka is: "As innovative and creative as they come."  

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Rave Reviews

"I keep calling Keka back to speak at my events because I know she will connect with my audiences on a deep level. She receives glowing reviews for the value she delivers.
She is memorable and powerful."

Theresa Laurico / Events, Media and TV Producer / 

Global Leadership and Innovation-Focused Entrepreneur

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Presentation Options


Keka customizes all of her content to her clients' needs, and can deliver her programs as keynotes, interactive workshops or breakout sessions. 

Here are some additional options to consider: - Delivery method: In-person or virtual, live or pre-taped (Keka is a Certified Virtual Presenter) - Duration: Options range from 30 to 90 minute keynotes, 1 to 4 hour workshops, and full-day training programs - Audience size: Programming is tailored to different audiences from 8 to 1,000+ - Customization: Strategic planning, management consulting, facilitation and moderation, and online courses curriculum development services are also available

Keka DasGupta - 30-Day Gratitude-Sharing


30-Day Gratitude-Sharing Challenge

1. Commit just 5-minutes a day for 30 days to complete this challenge.

2. Join Keka's Art of Life-ing community & download this PDF to participate.


3. Share your gratitude on social media using: #30GratitudeShares

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