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Supercharge your workforce

through gratitude-centered leadership

This highly sought-after keynote and workshop for executive and mid-level management, helps employees come into work every day feeling like: 1) They want to make management and their teams proud; 2) They crave and strive for more; 3) They believe new heights are attainable; 4) They feel supported in this process. Create a gratitude-based culture at work, and watch your talent equity grow exponentially.


Keka DasGupta Testimonial - Linda Gonzal

Linda Gonzalez

Chapter Chair, Women's President's Organization (WPO) South Florida & President, Viva Partnership

Keka did an incredible program for us on how gratitude can help grow our business. In all the years I've been doing this, I've never had such a positive reception!

Keka DasGupta Testimonial - Kathy Gallag

Kathy Gallagher

President, Key Technical

As a business owner, I feel like I can take what I learned today and apply it tomorrow to my office.

Keka DasGupta Testimonial - Denira Borre

Denier Borrero

COO, Omni Direct

Keka made me think about what I can do as a leader to change the culture of the organization, to make employees happier and more productive. I got

a lot out of that.

This program enables leaders to increase employee engagement, happiness, and productivity 

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology says: Gratitude increases positivity. The University of Melbourne finds: Gratitude increases job satisfaction. Harvard Business Review reports: Gratitude increases resilience and risk-taking for innovation. Yet, the John Templeton Foundation finds: Work is the last place that we are likely to express or feel gratitude.


In this keynote and interactive workshop, Keka DasGupta shares a simple, yet radically powerful new concept: sharing gratitude (versus practicing it quietly by ourselves). By paying gratitude forward and shining a positive reflection back on the people who‘ve impacted us at work, a "happy boomerang" reverberates throughout the workforce. Keka shares proven models from leading Fortune 500 organizations, where measurable ROI surfaces, almost immediately. 

Learning Outcomes

Drawing on more than two decades of her corporate experience, Keka provides strategic, tangible, implementable tactics that supercharge employees. 

Attendees will learn how to:


  • Measure and evaluate their organization’s culture of gratitude and employee happiness

  • Present a business case to C-suites on the impact of gifting gratitude using real life case studies

  • Identify tangible ways to seed gratitude initiatives throughout various levels of their organization immediately

  • Measure impact on employee engagement, productivity, retention and happiness 

Keka didn't just inspire our audience, she motivated them to take tangible, high-impact actions right way. The result was a real mindset shift. That's what makes Keka stand out from so many other professional speakers. 

Tahani Aburaneh
Founder, Tahani International and
F.I.R.E. (Females in Real Estate)

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