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Rave Reviews

Keka's clients and attendees share some love

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Testimonials from Event Organizers:

“Keka is one of the best speakers I’ve seen at this conference, or indeed over the last 20 years of booking over 100 speakers.”

Bob Bradley

Executive Chairman


"I keep calling Keka back to speak at my events because I know she will connect with my audiences on a deep level. She receives glowing reviews for the value she delivers.
She is memorable and powerful."

Theresa Laurico / Events, Media and TV Producer / 

Global Leadership and Innovation-Focused Entrepreneur

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Testimonials from Corporate Leaders:

“I absolutely loved it. Her energy is so authentic – I was 'in' the whole time. I just loved her personal storytelling.”

Monique Miller

Purpose Programs Manager,


Testimonials from Educators:

“It was interesting to watch the kids as the presentation went on, to see some light bulbs go off. I would highly recommend this workshop.”

Stephanie Jarrett

Chaplaincy Leader

Notre Dame College School

Testimonials from Students:

I really want to try to incorporate things like this into my school. The whole thing was really amazing.

I definitely recommend it!”

Peter (Grade 12)

Audience Impact

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Darn it! Keka is such a riveting speaker that I just burnt the supper. This is seriously gold!

- Angela Mary Beare (referring to Keka's delivery of a virtual keynote)


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