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Meet Keka

Keka DasGupta


Keka believes in moving people from helpless to helpful through a powerful, free currency called: gratitude. As a 20-year award-winning PR/marketing veteran, Keka has dedicated her entire working life to studying the emotional undercurrents that connect people to people, and people to brands.


This mom-of-two, has worked with such globally recognized brands as: IKEA, Nike, Disney, American Express and many other Fortune 500s. Her clients have also included various schools and boards of education.


Moreover, Keka has served as an instructor at the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC), Schulich School of Business, York University. Today, Keka heads up multiple entrepreneurial ventures.


She has founded this platform called the “Art of Life-ing,” and she runs Gratitude workshops across North America for both students (with an anti-bullying focus) and corporate audiences (with a focus on building happy corporate cultures).


Let's DO life on purpose!

#Mindset    #Growth   #Happiness???


If I ask you: what you are unhappy about in life, would you readily have a list waiting for me?


What if I asked: what has to change in your life to make you happy? 


Really happy, deep down inside?  Would that scare you? 

Many of us are living life just like that - on autopilot. We are busy. Exhausted. Numb. Living by other people’s rules. Other’s validations. And we can’t answer: WHY?


How can we get to “Destination Happy” in life, if we don’t know where that is? Like traveling on someone else’s road. Lost in fear. Without a map. 


But, there are life lessons all around us, every day, pointing to our “Destination Happy.” We just have to start asking questions.


This is the Art of Life-ing. 


Where we’re boldly changing the word LIFE from a noun to a verb! We’re DOING life on-purpose!


If you are ready to go on this Life-ing journey too, then join me! Let’s DO this together! 


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