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What if I don't want to be kind? Gasp! (Virtual Keynote Speech)

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

YMCI Virtual Talks 2020 - Featured Speaker: Keka DasGupta

Many of us feel it and think it, but are ashamed to admit it. Sometimes, we just don't have any kindness left to give to anyone else. Is that mean? Or, is it time to ask ourselves: WHY do we feel this way?

If you've ever felt irritated or put off when people were talking about spreading kindness around you (and remember: you're human, and this is a very human reaction), then you've got to watch this video. :)

In this year's YMCI Virtual Talks 2020, one of the conference's returning keynote speakers, Keka DasGupta shares her experience, and introduces us to the notion of being "selfishly-kind." Whaaat? Is that even a thing?

Yes it is! Watch the video here:

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