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How to think like a global brand (Keka speaking at a business summit for moms)

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Keka DasGupta was one of Lisa Canning's featured speakers again at The Possibility Mom Business Summit this year. Time seemed to just fly by in their 51-minute interview, where Keka shared some of her key successes, challenges and lessons learned in her entrepreneurial journey to date. Throughout the interview, Keka shared how her Art of Life-ing principles have guided her through every step in business.

Here's what one viewer said as she was watching Keka:

"Darn it! Keka is such a riveting speaker that I just burnt the supper! This is seriously gold!" - Angela Mary Beare

The following are a few video excerpts from Lisa's interview with Keka. You can watch the full interview here - all you have to do is sign up for the summit (for free), and you'll have complimentary access to all of the amazing content for 48 hours.

1. What is your compass in business? (1.5 minutes)

2. Challenge yourself to see your own value in your business: (1.5 minutes)

3. How to build confidence in yourself like a global brand: (5.5 minutes)

We hope you enjoyed Keka and Lisa's discussions above! Comment below to tell us what you think, or share your feedback with us on social. :)


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