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Supporting Kids Through Anxiety and Uncertainty (Podcast Interview)

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The Body Project podcast host and powerhouse woman, Catherine Tanaka, is a transformation coach, personal trainer, and mom of two. She caught up with Keka to discuss how parents can support their kids in precarious times. Here is what she said about her time with Keka:

"I love and respect all my mom friends but there are very few I take advice from that directly alters the way I parent. Today my guest is a friend, mentor and parent advisor. She is a powerhouse mom who I completely love and align with her parenting values and literally try to take notes on every conversation we have, parenting or otherwise."

Listen to the podcast here:

Or watch the video interview here:

What you'll learn from this interview:

  • How what we do, and how we cope, is how our kids learn resiliency and how to rise despite challenges

  • How connecting with our kids emotionally and sharing when we mess up, teaches them that they are not alone

  • That our belief systems teach our kids an internal locus of understanding, control, understanding and stability

  • That regardless of the goals, academics and expectations - all our kids really want (and all we really want too) is to be listened to and to know that we matter

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